Villa Castagnola
Grand Hotel Lugano
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‟For over a century, Villa Castagnola has welcomed a range of talented people from fields such as art, science, culture, religion, business and politics. They choose this villa with its sumptuous park to enjoy the privilege of a relaxing and inspired moment. The show ”La Verità” dedicated to Salvador Dalì was imagined and planned on the hotel’s magnificent terrace and presented to the world by the Compagnia Finzi Pasca with best of its talent and creativity. Villa Castagnola is sponsor of this wonderful adventure as well as the new show “Per Te” dedicated to Julie Finzi Pasca. With the same passion, attention to the smallest detail and love for generously sharing beauty, Villa Castagnola offers its guests stays full of charm and little surprises. Even a short visit can be a unique and unforgettable experience„

Daniele Finzi Pasca