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Personal Shopper & Stylist - GLAM Experience


A relaxing Swiss holiday would not be complete without a shopping-spree: In Lugano and in the near Fashion capital of Milano & Como there are plenty of shopping opportunities to satisfy all your needs. 

With such a large varieties of Boutiques, you will surely need the help of a Fashion-Expert: our Personal Shopper Andrea Valsecchi will be your personal Glam-Setters !

Having graduated from the most famous fashion University of Milano, and having worked with Celebrities, Andrea is your go-to creative genius who will make you shine like never before.

He will take care of every single detail of your look: from closet organizer to colour and shape matching, special occasions outfits, Home decor, one-of-a-kind bags or jewels (from Vintage to waiting-list brand new items), or simply to keep up with the latest trends and freshen up your wardrobe: Andrea is your go-to Stylist and will guide you through this exclusive Glam Experience.


The concierge will be at your disposal to arrange your day(s) with Andrea, available whether you wish to shop in store in Ticino or Italy or also in the privacy of your own room, the choice is entirely yours...