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Miguel Berrocal

13 June - 25 November 2007
For Berrocal, making sculpture – whether in bronze, marble, wood, or more recently in kevlar – is not merely a matter of craft and design but a matter of finding a physical and symbolic language to deal with these technical and formal processes.

The language of form requires both precision and extreme formal acuity, verging on a scientific know-how and the ability to articulate traditional plastic ideas through sensory inventiveness, abstract thinking, and mathematical process. Berrocals language as an artist is founded on a thorough formal understanding of space and a clear technical knowledge of materials. Yet there is also a deeper conceptual language, a language that transcends the delimitations of the visible. It is within the visible that Berrocal brings us to another level of cognition, a sensory cognition, a memory of form in relation to history. For within the visible lives the invisible, and the invisible itself becomes the opening to another series of abstract elements that engaging not only to the eye, but to the mind as well.

Robert C. Morgan
Estratto del catalogo della mostra “BERROCAL, FORME ET MOUVEMENT”, Musée Olympique, Losanna, 1998

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